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How to speed up a page on WordPress

Page on Wordpress Page on Wordpress

The page is created, supplemented with content, and still works at a slow speed? This is not the time to give up WordPress.

Many factors can influence the slow loading of your website. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with them.

The speed of your site

The loading time of a slow page may seem close to infinity. Yet It's worth knowing how long it lasts exactly. By measuring the charge, you can check the effectiveness of your optimization activities.

There are many tools on the market, one of them is Google Speed Test. There you can analyze your site, receiving comprehensive data along with recommendations of areas that still need improvement. 

Watch out for plugins

The multitude of plugins is an advantage of WordPress that is worth using. It should not be forgotten that each plug-in is an additional program that must top up its files on the server when the user launches the page. 

Some of them can simply "weigh" too much, that is, their volume can increase the loading time of the site. First of all, turn off any plugins you are not using. You may have installed some of them just to test them, but you decided to use others. Ask your web development agency to organize plugins. This action will significantly relieve the page. If a site without a specific plug-in starts faster, you can look for an alternative plugin.

Compressing photos and graphics on the site

Photos and graphics are usually responsible for at least half the page's volume. Of course, nobody talks about the site without pictures. It's best to just reduce their volume. Use specially dedicated plugins for this. The plugin changes the size and compresses images without reducing their quality. 

Appropriate cache 

When a user enters your site, WordPress generates an HTML file after downloading the necessary information from the database. The site will display faster if the HTML file is already waiting to be downloaded from the server. 

CSS and JavaScriptCSS and JavaScript

Downloading files is necessary to view the portal on the user's side. Loading time can be reduced by minifying files, i.e. getting rid of lines of unnecessary code. It also helps to combine files into one. 

Server requirements

No matter how much you optimize your site's performance, server speed is a major factor that affects your loading speed. The quality of infrastructure and good server parameters are important here. The WordPress Cloud service has been dedicated to pages on WordPress. What characterizes this hosting?

  • high computing performance - hosting works in cloud hosting technology, thanks to which your website gets access to the computing power of the CPU comparable with two dedicated servers connection

  • HTTP/2 - the latest method of communication between the WWW server and web browsers. 

  • TLS 1.3 - the safest connection method between the web server and web browsers, using SSL certificates to secure. It speeds up the operation of websites and ensures the protection of transmitted data.

  • DNS Anycast - shortens the time it takes to open web pages in web browsers by speeding up the response from the DNS server.

  • MySQL databases - databases run in a server cluster, ensuring the highest possible performance and reliability. Thanks to a large amount of RAM, the site will run smoothly.

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