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3 Ways to Join Miessence as a Representative

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The option you choose is dependent on your desired outcome and goals. Let’s run through each of the three joining options:

1) Basic Joining – $40 joining fee

By choosing the basic joining fee and placing a small 75 Point Value (PV) order at a total cost of about $130, you will receive an automatic 20% discount on that order and shipping is reduced from $9.95 to $4.95 if on Bonus Protection (BP).

Committing to a monthly 75PV order through an automatic system we call Bonus Protection (or BP) means your shipping is free.

This basic joining option starts a representative at the level of Associate and is commonly chosen by people who are essentially just customers but who may wish to access better discounts.

Other people who choose this basic option might occasionally refer others to Miessence, but aren’t seriously planning on building a business.

In either case, people who join with the basic joining fee are not particularly interested in accessing the increased up front bonuses available when joining with a Fast Start or a Super Fast Start order.

2) Fast Start Order – Joining fee reduced to $20 by placing a 300PV (approx. $460 Retail value) order on which you receive 30% off and FREE shipping. Total joining cost approx. $340.

The Fast Start option enables you to select and start with a good variety of products for you and your family’s own use or to give to other people to try.

Choosing a Fast Start means you start at the level of Senior Associate and have access to higher bonuses straight away. This option is by far the most popular joining option for those intending on developing a business with Miessence.

3) Super Fast Start Order – Joining fee is waived when you place a 600PV order (approx. $920 Retail value) on which you receive 40% off and FREE Shipping. Total joining cost after discount is approx. $550.

The Super Fast Start option is suited to a family who may all be using the products as well as for someone who intends on doing face to face or group product presentations soon after getting started. Like the Fast Start, you also start at the level of Senior Associate and therefore have access to higher up front bonuses.

Business Protection (BP) – In all cases, to achieve the maximum income as you develop your Miessence business is to ensure that you – as well as the people you sponsor – commit to at least a 75PV monthly order. Miessence makes this easier with the BP (Business Protection) system for your monthly orders.

To be considered ‘active’ and qualify for bonuses such as the Fast Start, Sponsor and the Loyalty Bonus, the 30% or 40% discount levels and FREE Shipping, you also need to set up a default monthly order of 75PV or more. This can be set up with any of the joining options above.

Placing a manual order of 75PV or more before the 24th of each month will override your default BP order and prevent it from being processed and shipped automatically on the 25th.

You have full control over your BP order during the month by going to the Manage Monthly Order page in MiAccount. For peace of mind, your BP monthly order can be changed or cancelled at any time.

People join for many different reasons, but they do all agree on this, Miessence has the best certified organic health, home and body care products anywhere in the world.


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