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Chatbot maker for business owners. What you gain?

Chatbot maker Chatbot maker

Fast and cheap customer service, engaged customers, sent a notification with open rate of around 90% are one of the advantages of having a chatbot. If you have not contact with this technology before, read on and see, that it is the perfect solution for your business.

What is it and how it helps you?

Chatbot is a tool, programmed to process automation, for example to answer repetitive customers or employees questions and to improve sales. Its goals and uses are different for every business and it depends on the entrepreneur, what functions it should perform. Chatbot in social media builds customer engagement and loyalty as well as directing network traffic to a personalized conversation, what brings people closer to the offer and purchase. On the other hand, bot on the website shows offer, helps with decision, collects leads and answer users’ questions. It has many possibilities and the decision is up to you.

What type of chatbot will be best for you?

Of course it depends. If you run a business and employ a small number of people, invest in a messenger bot. It is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs with so many responsibilities that 

delegate the serving customers will be a great improvement and will affect development of the company. However if you run online store, choose a chatbot on your website and it will help people in shopping in different ways. How? Just think, your imagination is the limit. You can create your own bot in chatbot maker. It’s easier than you think, just try and find out.

Investment or expense?

Are you wondering if chatbot will be financially beneficial for you? Think how much money you spend on customer service. Even with a small online store, you probably need to employ a person who constantly responds to customers and encourages them to buy. While the bot take care of your customers, employees would focus on strategic activities and develop complex communication in social media. Calculate how many hours your employees devote to solving problems and think about which of them you could automate with using a bot. Use the potential of employees by assigning more complex and advanced tasks to them.

Additional benefits of having a chatbot

Chatbot in social media offer great opportunities for curiosity and customer retention. It allows you to send sponsored notifications whose openness is at a much higher level than email newsletters. It facilitate the organization of competitions - collecting competition entries, selecting winners and sending them information about the prize. It allows you to organize games in the form of city games, draw products for themselves and even personalize products to the interests and needs of customers based on quiz.

If you are still not convinced of the benefits you can get from having a chatbot, look around the market. See how large companies use its potential and enjoy a large group of engaged fans. Take an example of them, analyze their methods and enter it into your business!

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