• Where do I start

    Where do I start If an ethical company, with the best products in the world that are 3rd party certified, and has a focus on yours & the environments well-being is important to you… …Look no further than Miessence! The best place to start is with the person that introduced you to this blog – they are likely to already be past the getting started point. If you were not introduced by someone click on the Facebook link below and ‘Like’ our site. Then head to the Miessence HQ Facebook Link. On the right you will see a tab that says “Find a representative” this will get you introduced to someone in your area to assist you with getting started. Read More
  • Start with a plan

    Start with a plan Start with an audit of your weekly time commitments, keep in mind school activities, social activities, and any other regular requirements you need to spend time on. This will leave you with a good indication of how much time (and when) you can spend building your business. Keep in mind time usually equals money. The more time you can dedicate to marketing your business, the more successful you are likely to be. So if you find you are limited in time, be realistic about your goals, or ensure you spend your time in the most efficient way possible. If you are very organised and have planned well ahead you can achieve great results in an hour a day! Read More
  • Your website settings

    Your website settings The next menu you need to head to is PERSONAL WEBSITE SETTINGS. In here you have a number of choices, it is simply up to you how much contact information you make available on your website. As a minimum I would suggest showing your name and or business name, a mobile (cell) number and a photo you are happy to display. A photo personalises your website and puts a face to the voice when you are speaking with contacts you do not personally know. Your reasons for joining Miessence and you personal story again is your opportunity to connect with contacts on a personal level, for some tips here view my page “About Adam Houlahan” however how much you are comfortable sharing is up to you. The last section to set up is your analytics at the bottom of the page, we will go into further details in later posts on the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This information will be very helpful in targeting your marketing efforts. You Read More
  • Understand the Comp Plan

    Understand the Comp Plan As we have discussed before, comp plans are hard to understand – don’t try to absorb it all at once. You need to mostly be 1 step ahead of your current position, meaning if you are currently a Senior Associate you need to understand the basics of the comp plan, what all of the terms mean and what you need to do to get to the next level which is Manager. The best way to do this is right here! Follow from the start the posts in the category “Comp Plan”. Ask questions if there is anything you are still not sure about and most important, keep in contact with your sponsor. They will keep you motivated and moving forward. Once you have the basics, come back here to go to the next step. Read More
  • Training Tools

    Training Tools The more you know about your products the better, hopefully you have even had a chance to try some for yourself :) Read More
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