Wednesday, 29 April 2020 11:26

Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd. promotes new bird collision avoidance system for the airports of Thailand

Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd. is discussing potential collaboration project with the Department of Airports and Airports of Thailand to enhance the flight safety operations with installation of sophisticated bird collision avoidance system.


Thousands of bird strikes occur each year at the operated airports, most of which, according to available statistic, occur in close proximity to the airport’s runways (majority during approach, landing, and take-off). Each bird strike causes operator airline both direct expenses (for aircraft repair and/or replacement of damaged components), indirect expenses (due to flight delays, aircraft and crew replacement, rebooking of passengers, their accommodation, etc), and, what’s more important, reputational losses.

The system promoted by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. provides flexible and customized solution, which can be adopted according to the specifics of each airport. The modules of the system are installed at a safe distance along each side of the airstrip to form a safety tunnel over the runway. Additional units are installed to protect take-off and landing flight paths of the aircraft and can deflect birds on a collision course from up to 300ft away.

The system is fully automatic and ensures 24/7 operation in all weather conditions. After initial installation, it operates autonomously providing real-time remote data monitoring. Moreover, the specialized proprietary software allows monitoring of the birds detections and controls all aspects of the system, sophisticated database engine ensures fast storage and data retrieval (including information and video on each of the thousands of detection records). The system’s software is based on Linux for industrial grade reliability, at the same time providing easy to use and intuitive interface. All components and modules are compliant to the ICAO and airport requirements.

The scientifically developed, proven and patented acoustic signal, which evokes reflectory reaction of the birds, is neither fear nor stress based, and what’s more important, the birds do not get accustomed to it, and their stress level remains unaffected, even after repeated exposure.

bird collision avoidance system

bird collision avoidance system

The parties are discussing that initial demonstration must take place in one of the airports of Thiland, where Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd. will bring and deploy demonstration modules of the system for initial evaluation in real-time condition. Upon successful evaluation, the customized set will be developed for each of the airports in question, based on actual runway configuration.

Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd sees great potential in promotion of the system in Thailand, as besides airport application, the system can also be used for protection of renewable energy power generating plants (solar power plants, and wind power stations), as well as for industrial and agricultural applications by creating protection perimeters around targeted required area.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. is an international company specializing in high-precision technologies and modern technology applications, renewable energy development, and providing integrated solutions for perimeter security and protection. The company operates on a global market since 2004, serving clients on all continents.

Airports of Thailand is a Public Limited Company established in 2002. It currently operates six major international airports of Thailand. Department of Airports is a government agency under the Ministry of Transport of Thailand, operating more than twenty regional airports across Thailand.

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