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Thursday, 03 October 2019 14:22

Chatbot - why you should do it yourself?

Chatbox Chatbox

The year 2016 was called the year of the bots. Everybody across the IT and marketing industry was interested in this aspect of communication solutions.

The level of interest was so high, that even the biggest giants like Facebook and Microsoft have shared with the users their own bot making platforms. In the meantime, a lot of enthusiasts were working on their own, much smaller programs for creating bots.


This trend of bot creating and automatization of everything is continuously growing and it’s more important than ever before! According to the Research Nester from 2018; 2015 global chatbot market was worth around 88 million dollars. At the moment it’s 1274 million dollars, only in the US. What’s more, both the trends and forecasts are still very optimistic.


You might be asking yourself a question right now. So, if chatbot communication is such a groundbreaking solution when it comes to e-commerce communication, why I don’t have it?


It’s not a secret art


In the beginning, chatbots were a domain of the biggest companies. We all have heard about Google bot becoming racist, because of the internet users feed. Amazon or Alibaba is constantly using the opportunities given by chatbots, to improve customer-client communication and make the buying process much less inconvenient. 


Chatbots being equated with the biggest brands of the world was considered as an exclusive and expensive for a long time. Not anymore! 


Thanks to independent small chatbot creator platforms, you are more than welcome to create the Facebook bot on your own! You don’t even have to know anything about programming! Easy to navigate and intuitive interface proves that everybody can do it for their own.


Mobile-first, but in a new way


You must have heard it a million times over - mobile-first. But the trend in mobile design has also been changed a little over time. Remember, when every brand have to have their own, dedicated app to download from Apple Store or Google Play? Well, we remember and we are glad this is long past and gone.


Brands came to understanding, that people don’t want to trash their phones with tons of unnecessary apps. What’s even worse, when they have finally downloaded one, tempted by good discount at the beginning, they are not responsible for any other call to action. It doesn’t matter if it’s an application push or other forms of catching user attention.


Bots imitating life


Now, it’s where chatbot comes in. It works via the most popular communicators, that your users have already downloaded on their phone. Let’s face it, almost anyone with the phone is using either Messenger or WhatsApp - two most popular communication platforms that have strong chatbot integration possibilities.


Bots are working in the chat environment. Where you can talk to your friends and family, sharing photos you made, funny pictures from the internet and many more. You couldn’t even dream of a more convenient framework for customer-company communication. For many, text messages are the most natural way of communication via the internet.


The chatbot gives you certain advantages, that cannot be overstated:

  • relieving your Customer Service Department - a chatbot can answer your customer standard questions. Smooth service will result in higher customer retention.

  • finalizing the sales from mobile commercials - of course, that means that your e-commerce has to be optimized in regards to mobile shopping, but still, it’s making sales path.

  • novelty effect - bots are still a new thing and people are interested in talking with a robot instead of a human. It’s an experience; at least for now.

  • higher user engagement - chatbots are using Facebook targeting database. During the conversation, a bot can identify the preferences of a user and pick the most accurate item for them.