Boot Barn, a well-known retailer of Western clothing, is celebrating an impressive surge in its stock value, countering overall market trends. Since the beginning of the year, their value has increased by approximately 30%, with over a 4% growth since the start of April. This growth coincides with the release of Beyoncé's eighth studio album, which, according to analyst Poser, has significantly contributed to the interest in Western fashion.

The rising trend of young children engaging in elaborate skincare routines, dubbed the "Sephora Kids" phenomenon, has garnered attention on social media, leading to widespread concern among skincare professionals. This movement sees children, influenced by beauty influencers and social media trends, flocking to high-end cosmetic stores like Sephora to purchase and use products typically designed for adults, sharing their skincare regimes online.

Monday, 26 September 2022 15:49

What cosmetic packages are most popular?

The world market for modern cosmetic packages is pretty wide and diverse. This is due to the large number of cosmetic products on the market, for which each package and each part should be precisely suited. That is why it is worth knowing the most popular ones.

Massage is a well-known way to relax the body and mind. Moreover – it heals!

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