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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 11:45

Step 3 of the 3 Steps to Success

Now you are up and running. Your business is correctly structured, you have your front-line team in place and you have gained some experience in presenting the opportunity to other people. The last piece of the puzzle to really start building a successful long term income is to train your front-line team to do exactly the same as you just did.

Imagine if every 90 days, each of the people you have introduced did exactly the same as you did, just sponsor 3 people. You no longer need to be out finding new people to personally sponsor, you can spend your time training your team to sponsor just 3 people. That is not to say you should not continue to sponsor people when the opportunity arises, Rank advancement requires higher than the minimum actively sponsored suggested here.

In fact to reach the highest level of Ambassador at some stage you would need to have 14 Personally Sponsored. There are other bonuses and incentives that will open up to you (such as our annual trip to Hawaii) if you have sponsored more people.

Continuing to sponsor people also allows you to assist your down-line reach their goals faster and stay motivated. For now though we are just focusing on the first 90 days and at least 3 is our target.

If you were successful in following this process what would your team look like in 2 years time?

+ 3
+ 9
+ 27
+ 81
+ 243
+ 729
+ 2187
+ 6,561

That’s correct you would have a team of more than 6,500 people, and if they were all just ordering the minimum 75PV each month (and why wouldn’t they? It would not be costing any of them anything each month!) your business would be generating nearly 500,000GV per month and you would have a 6 figure income. If your are disciplined in your approach and organised you could do this in 7 to 10 hours per week!

How to train your team

This is the easiest part of your steps to success Why? Because it is all laid out here for you step by step. To successfully train your team all you need to do is bring them here to Your Home Business Builder and start from the beginning just like you did.

If they have questions you should now have the experience to walk them through each step, and if not you or they can post a question on the section you need help with and we will answer it for you.

Once you have successfully reached this point in your business there are some great tools available to you in Miaccount to make managing your team as simple as possible.

You should now be ready to get started on one of the most rewarding and financially satisfying 90 days of your life. Remember you are not alone through the process, if you have any questions just ask and we will help you every step of the way.