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Step 2 of the Three Steps to Success

So, you have your list of prospects, all of your promo items (including your Business Cards) and you have all of your Miessence website settings completed including your BP settings.

Make a plan to contact 3 of your prospects and give them a copy of the DVD, Tabloid, Catalogue and a few sample sachets. Let them know you need the DVD back but the rest of the items are for them to keep. Make a time to catch back up to pick up the DVD.

It is best to have a computer with Internet connection wherever you meet, if you have a laptop or iPad, a relaxed meeting at your local coffee shop (preferably with free WiFi) is a great way to discuss the DVD and answer any questions they may have. Their home or yours is also fine as long as you don’t get too many distractions.

So, how should you go about discussing the opportunity and potential objections? Here is a great response by our Managing Director Colin Chenery to this question recently. His suggestion on a practice run before sitting down with your first prospect is also great advice.

“The most important part of responding to objections is both a prevention and a way of responding when they happen,” he says. “When you speak to people about the business, products or both, it should be proceeded with some rapport building and finding out something about that persons needs or wants. And how they would feel if these needs or wants could be satisfied.

“With this information, you qualify where Miessence can be of value to them.

“Secondly, by asking ‘if their needs or wants (be it health, quality, ethical, for family or themselves, etc.) could be easily satisfied (or partially satisfied) what would that mean to them?’. You have a context or framework to introduce information about Miessence.

“Now it is their values they have defined that you are addressing and that determines what you say about Miessence and how you say it.

“Thirdly, when an objection comes up it is now on the strength of their needs that you can respond. For example, if avoiding toxins for their family is important and “cost” is their objection, I would be asking where they buy and what they pay to gauge the true gap between what they’re familiar with and Miessence.

“Often cost is the issue when people buy in supermarkets. This is the time to raise briefly about the green washing and toxic properties in cheap supermarket ranges and how much these cheap ‘nasties’ contribute to the increased exposure to chemicals and chronic illnesses we hear about.

“Then mention the different ways massive discounts can be achieved through the right membership and monthly spending pattern that would suit them and maximise the discounts they can receive! This reduces the perceived cost of Miessence after showing them the true cost to health of their current ‘cheap and nasty’ products.
“Finally, you can find out if they would like you to go through the products and how to get great discounts – that is, if they feel this brief time investing in their health and their families health for years to come would be well spent?

“It really is about focusing on the benefits of Miessence in relation to the needs you have drawn from them. Then the objections become one negative factor among many positives that can usually be resolved by a (1) solution (via your knowledge of Miessence and its systems), or by (2) a compromise in helping them compare achieving their needs against their obstacle, or the change in thinking or behavior it may require of them.

“The greatest way to get to the next level in this, developing your own words and style and helping your team do the same, is to arrange a fun afternoon or night (maybe with 1 or 2 ‘champers’ only before the interactions!) to get together with a few people and to practice this type of discussion.

“One person makes up different needs and life circumstance with different objections. The other person starts the conversation, learning to build rapport and finding out about that person by drawing the information out. That is, without sounding ‘sales person’ like or too intrusive. This person may be a stranger or acquaintance where the connection is only going to be as easy and open as the rapport you build in the conversation. It can be very natural and pleasurable for both in a real situation and in practice!

“Then through the conversation, the way Miessence is introduced as described above can also be practiced. Feedback from those watching is also fun and helpful. People in the group pick up new information as well as skills in these home events.

“Practicing by doing and doing it in front of others in a safe environment builds huge confidence! The other good thing is the host doesn’t have to be ‘the expert’ because it is about everyone contributing and the time spent being a very simple format.”

Hopefully if you follow this advice you will soon have your first team member ready to join. There are multiple options for joining and it is not uncommon for people to ask “how you joined”. If you joined with a Fast Start you can honestly outline this, if you joined with a standard join I would suggest be honest and say that, then point out the benefits of a Fast Start and your recommendation to start with this option.

Once you have done a couple of these face to face discussions your confidence should be much higher. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your sponsor after each meeting and get some valuable feed back on how to improve your next one.

If you know someone who is too far away to meet face to face, send them the link to the DVD then touch base afterwards on Skype or phone.

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