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Tuesday, 07 January 2020 15:04

E-commerce desing in service of higher conversion

Website design Website design

People love buying all their stuff online. It's much more convenient and you can do it anywhere you want or have time for shopping. 

But with high demand, the market is requiring even higher supply. That is why we are having so many online shops, that are trying to catch our attention. But even layman can divide good designed one, from designed poorly. 


In the article below, I'm going to show, that good e-commerce website design is what's driven your sales.

Safety first

But there is one, much more important aspect of the online shop, than how it's designed. It's what's called customer trust, and I can't stress this enough how important it is. 


Even in 2019, when buying online have become so ordinary and common, the first concern of the vast majority of customers in regards to this channel of commerce is lack of trust and fear of being cheated. Your job, if you want to sell online is to convince them, that your offer is honest and frank.


The best way to convince your customers to trust you is clear and transparent return policy. Make it possible for your customer to return the bought item. Within 30 days, regardless of the customer was using it or not. This way, you have authenticated yourself in the eyes of the customer - showing them, that they can shop without fear of being tricked.

Simplicity is your friend

Now, that we have talked about how important for the customer is a sense of security, we can smoothly start the main topic - how to design e-commerce.


The decision if the customer is going to buy something in your store is taken within the first few seconds of being on your website. What's more, it's mainly based on what your customer is seeing, when on the landing page - in most cases it's the homepage. 


Pay attention to highlight the most appealing and most fetching products. Either with bright colors or big pictures in the middle of the screen. Remember, that you have to tell your customer what you want them to do. That's why it's important to put CTA buttons, that are adding certain products straight to the cart - shortening the sales funnel.


Focus customer attention to product


One could say, that customer attention is already streamlined to the product. The only reason, they are on your website is because they want to buy something.


Keep in mind, that people love looking at nice things. Keep their attention occupied with high-quality photos of the product you are offering. E.g. if you are selling clothes. Remember, to have closeups of the dress or skirt. It's also nice to have photos of the model wearing this particular product. It's easier for the customer to imagine wearing this product. Which in consequence make it easier to decide to buy.


Add to cart button

This button should be visible on the product page right from the get-go. Customer nowadays is a little bit lazy and is more likely to drop your page and buy from the competition that trying to find not enough visible 'add to cart' button on your page.

Rest of the conversion path should be also very clear. Inform your customer on every step how many steps he has already made and how many are yet to make to finalize the transaction. The general rule of the thumb is - the lower number of steps, the higher chance of sales.