Saturday, 29 September 2018 11:45

Your website settings

Assuming you have now joined as a Miessence representative, it is time to ensure you have your personal website settings optimised. In your MiAccount section you will find a tab PROFILE, head to this section and make sure all the details in Personal Details are correct. Remember to hit save if you make any changes.

The next menu you need to head to is PERSONAL WEBSITE SETTINGS. In here you have a number of choices, it is simply up to you how much contact information you make available on your website. As a minimum I would suggest showing your name and or business name, a mobile (cell) number and a photo you are happy to display. A photo personalises your website and puts a face to the voice when you are speaking with contacts you do not personally know.

Your reasons for joining Miessence and you personal story again is your opportunity to connect with contacts on a personal level, for some tips here view my page “About Adam Houlahan” however how much you are comfortable sharing is up to you.

The last section to set up is your analytics at the bottom of the page, we will go into further details in later posts on the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This information will be very helpful in targeting your marketing efforts.

You are nearly there now, the last section to set up is manage monthly order, go this tab and select items that equal or exceed 75PV as a back up order. This will ensure you are receiving the best possible discounts and shipping rates on your future orders. We will cover Bonus Protection (BP) in future posts in Comp Plan.

So now you are set up and ready to commence the fun part “Building your home based business through Network Marketing”

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