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What is UGears wooden puzzles

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Do you remember those amazing moments when you were a kid and felt like a wise winner after solving a brainteaser?

It was great to know that you can conquer the world! UGears wooden model kits for adults present you a chance to receive that experience again! These wooden puzzles seem to be ideal for spending leisure time and satisfying your needs in creativity.

What Are 3d Puzzles for Adults?

UGears create kits of wooden mechanical puzzles that you can assemble at home without extra tools. Most models are smaller copies of true big mechanisms like Hurdy-Gurdy, Train, Car, Treasure Box, etc., which can move as originals. 

The Assortment of UGears Mechanical Models

UGears wooden puzzles are inimitable. There’s something to any taste. You can choose a model by the difficulty level (easy, hard, intermediate), time for assembling (from 20 minutes to 16 hours), and the collection:

  • Vehicles
  • Town equipment
  • Coloring models (for kids)
  • U-fidget tribiks
  • Stuff for tabletop games
  • STEM lab
  • Other kits

The company permanently broadens the range of models; so, it can become an interesting hobby to gather a full collection of UGears 3d puzzles. If you do not know what to choose to start, we recommend ordering some simple sets according to the theme you like.

Why UGears 3d Wooden Puzzles for Adults?

There are many reasons to choose UGears products, from the high quality of every item and natural wood used for manufacture to the unique concept of models and excitement you get by assembling these puzzles. Finally, UGears provide a variety of pleasant additional services: 1-year replacement warranty, gift packing, free shipping, customer support, and the service of free part replacement.

UGears is a company with an idea and philosophy. Believe us, you will like every model by them and retain the moment of happiness when you solve this complex brainteaser.