Monday, 09 November 2020 18:35

How have databases evolved?

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The speed of technological development no longer surprises anyone today, because we have gotten used to the fact that every year there are new technological discoveries.

Smartphones, smart homes, smartwatches – all these innovations are constantly evolving, which is why we live in increasingly digitized times. The foundation of these devices are databases, which themselves have changed quite significantly over the past decades. How have databases evolved and what do they look like today?

Databases – the foundation of today's technology

We visit dozens of websites every day. It has become completely normal for us, but not everyone is aware how it all works. A website is actually a set of records that together make up what we see on the screens of our computers and smartphones. At the heart of any modern website are databases that store a ton of information. Moreover, today's websites are so advanced that special tools are needed to facilitate the use of such databases. However, databases are not something new. The first ones appeared in the 1960s . Databases have evolved along with the technology around them. Just look at what the first computers looked like and compare them with today's smartphones to see how significant the changes which have taken place in recent decades are. The real breakthrough took place in the 1980s, when relational databases started becoming increasingly popular, and in the 1990s, they were replaced by object-oriented databases. With the growing popularity of the Internet, databases began to develop at a very fast pace. Then came the time of NoSQL databases.

Why are database management tools so important?

Today's databases are so complex that their efficient use requires specialized tools, such as meta data repository toolsMoreover, the increased demand for database tools means that developers are increasingly looking for appropriate catalog tools that allow for effective website development. In these days websites evolving so fast, that developers have to use a lot of new and innovative tools. Because of that, modern websites are fast and advanced.