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Features of writing scientific papers in English

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A scientific paper is a work that contains descriptions of the results of research conducted using scientific methods. This is a complex genre. The academic environment requires authors to observe restrictions: follow the changes of GOST, cite articles not older than three years, know the features of checking for uniqueness.

To create an academic text, it is necessary to conduct research work; prove an opinion with information based on facts.

Specifics of publications:

  • evidence base;
  • academic writing style;
  • target audience;
  • strict regulations.

Articles can be primary and review articles. Works of the first type are complete works, where the results of the experiment are presented. Review publications analyse finished scientific works in order to summarize the conclusions of different scientists, to find principles and regularities of the development of the researched topic.

Articles in English -  features

If the author has a research that wants to mark up in an international journal, should be written in English.
It is possible to prepare the work, and then translate it. But this is a complex, painstaking process. The text should not just be translated, but retell its content in English, observing all the rules, requirements. Do not confuse terminology, replace concepts, as this will distort the meaning of the study.

It is difficult to understand the correctness of scientific terms and eliminate all the inaccuracies. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to companies that specialize in english language proofreading services of articles. Experienced foreign language speakers with academic degrees proofread the article, make the necessary changes so that it is accepted and published in an international edition.

Tips for self-editing

Academic papers in English has some properties: logical, objective presentation; scientific character of grammatical structure; proof of work.
Writing an academic document is not a quick process. The article should be prepared properly to fit the requirements of an international edition.
When self-editing, it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • reread the text aloud to take a fresh look and detect inaccuracies;
  • check the formatting of the document several times;
  • replace complex sentences with simple ones;
  • replace repetitive words with synonyms and remove unnecessary ones;
  • check grammar.

Responsibility for the content of the scientific article and the quality of translation lies with the author. All papers submitted to the journal are checked for originality, plagiarism.