Embark on a journey through the rich tradition of rosary crafting in Poland, a testament to the enduring faith and spiritual devotion of its people.

p>What would your reaction be if some government official knocked on your door and told you that the water you have been consuming for the past few years has risky lead levels? You might not believe it at first. But it won't be long for you to join the dots. You shall soon come to understand that the family medical reports were pointing at the grave water conditions for a long time.

Wednesday, 22 February 2023 20:09

Ergonomics at the workplace: what to look out for

Ergonomics at the workplace is taking on an ever-increasing role in everyday office life. The equipment and quality of space must be adapted to the needs and general requirements. Purely anatomically, humans are not designed to sit all day. However, this can be counteracted with appropriate ergonomics and quality of office equipment.

Are you bored of doing nothing in stormy weather? Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at home. Making yourself productive even at home helps in killing boredom. 

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