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Educational puzzles suitable for preschoolers

Educational toys for 3 year olds - BananaPanda Educational toys for 3 year olds - BananaPanda

Parents looking for developing gifts for their kids often consider buying educational puzzles. The wide range of items in this category includes interesting sets for children of different ages. Matching puzzles appropriate to the needs of a child may seem a difficult task. What kind of educational puzzles will be suitable for preschoolers?

Puzzles for toddlers under 4 years old

Children starting preschool education are usually about three years old. Children of this age should be offered puzzles, which will have a positive influence on the development of their manual skills. These may be wooden sets, in which elements of a certain shape are to be matched with gaps in a picture. They often show friendly animals on a farm or in the forest. Among jigsaw puzzles made of wood there are also sets eagerly chosen by children, in which you connect body parts of different characters. A great variety will be the possibility to match different parts of clothing to the character in the picture. See Educational toys for 3 year olds - BananaPanda.

The youngest preschoolers will certainly also like sensory puzzles. Sets consisting of several elements may present many interesting pictures. They have an additional layer of materials with different textures. The latter are designed to imitate real empirical impressions. The possibility of stroking a soft-touch animal in the picture will certainly be appreciated by the little ones.

Interesting puzzles for older children

Children attending older preschool groups will certainly like sets of puzzles that provide interesting information. Among them you can find sets that make it possible to learn about the structure of the human body. Other interesting sets include also pictures showing a map of the world or a particular country. The accessories which in an interesting way show a scheme of the Solar System or star constellations will also turn out to be a great idea. Very attractive will be sets glowing in the dark or equipped with shiny coatings. Jigsaw puzzles of unusual sizes will also turn out to be a good choice. Extremely large elements will be difficult to lose and several children can be involved in creating a larger picture. Properly matched sets will enable the acquisition of new skills and learning of information through play. Puzzles with modern patterns will surely be attractive for the youngest. A wide range of items from this category will allow you to match puzzles to the interests of each child.