Wednesday, 28 November 2018 18:52

How to choose the perfect deep fryer

Fried dishes are very tasty, and they taste best if they are cooked at home. Deep fryers are perfect for this. The range of this type of kitchen equipment is very wide, with the vast majority of models being free-standing devices, although you can also find modern built-in fryers. Before buying, it's worth considering some important issues to make sure that the selected device will meet all your requirements.

The basic types of deep fryers

In terms of operation, deep fryers are divided into two types - traditional and fat-free. Traditional deep fryers allow for deep fat frying of dishes. In such devices, the oil is poured into a container in which it is heated to the right temperature. Browsing through product review sites it is easy to notice that such fryers are very popular, because they have a wide range of applications and allow to obtain a characteristic taste of fried dishes.

However, the best home deep fryer does not necessarily require deep fat frying. There are also models for sale that use minimal amounts of oil. Two different solutions are used - the first is a combination of a grill with an inflow of hot air, and the second uses hot air circulation. The taste of the dishes is slightly different than in the case of traditional fryers, but it is certainly an ideal solution for people on a diet.

The parameters of deep fryers

Deep fryers have different parameters, so you should know what to pay special attention to. The efficiency of the device is definitely important, i.e. the amount of food you can prepare in it. The greater the capacity of the oil container, the more fries, shrimps and other products can be fried at once. The container should be covered with a coating that prevents the dishes from sticking. In addition, check how the container is installed, for example, whether it can be dismantled and washed, or whether it has only an oil drain allowing you to replace the used fat.

Another important feature that determines which device is the best deep fryer) is the wattage. This parameter has a direct impact on the operation of the device. The higher the power of the deep fryer, the faster the dishes will be fried, and the longer the device can work without interruption. Models range from 800 to 3000 W, and the most common are fryers with a wattage of 1200 W. However, it is also important to be able to adjust the temperature of the oil to the fried food. The device should also be fitted with two filters - an oil filter, which absorbs the smell of fried oil, and a charcoal filter, which absorbs the steam created during frying.