Saturday, 20 April 2024 11:27

Technical Breaks in Major Banks

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The upcoming weekend may bring significant disruptions for customers of some of the largest banks operating in the market. Technical breaks planned by seven financial institutions will limit access to essential banking services such as ATMs, card payments, Blik, and online transfers.

What will you learn?

1. Which banks have announced technical breaks for the upcoming weekend?
2. What specific services will be unavailable during the technical breaks at PKO BP and Inteligo?
3. When exactly will the first technical break at PKO BP start and what will it cover?
4. What actions can be taken to minimize the inconveniences resulting from the upcoming technical breaks?
5. What communication methods will banks use to inform customers about the technical breaks and available support?

Planned Breaks at PKO BP and Inteligo

Among the banks that have announced upcoming breaks are PKO BP and its online brand, Inteligo. The first technical break is scheduled to start on Friday, April 19th, at 21:00 and will last until 08:00 the next day. During this time, services such as travel, home, life, and child insurance offered through the iPKO web service and the IKO mobile app will be unavailable. Another break, planned for the same weekend, promises to be even more burdensome, with even greater restrictions on access to online services, including transfers and card payments.

Preparation and Minimization of Inconveniences

In the face of the planned breaks, banks encourage their customers to handle all urgent banking matters beforehand. Therefore, it is advisable to secure an adequate amount of cash and to make necessary payments and transfers in advance. For those who may need access to financial resources during the breaks, a good alternative might be using the services of banks not affected by technical breaks or using mobile payments and cryptocurrencies, if accepted by the recipient.

Communication with Customers and Support

Banks have committed to actively informing their customers about any changes related to the technical breaks. Notifications will be sent via SMS, email, and will be available on the websites and mobile apps of the banks. Customers who need additional support or advice can contact their bank's helpline to get help managing their finances during the upcoming breaks.

In summary, despite potential disruptions, proper preparation and the use of available resources can significantly reduce the impact of technical breaks on everyday financial management, thereby minimizing the stress and discomfort associated with the lack of access to basic banking services.