Friday, 31 July 2020 11:59

Opinion: The Remainder of 2020 & The Workplace Management Industry

We’ve already entered the second half of 2020 and are now waiting to see if in fact a second wave of the pandemic returns.  Whereas in May & June, the appearance of a return to stability was on the horizon, in July the world witnessed areas such as parts of California and of Australia reintroduce lockdown measures. 

Speaking with a wide variety of industries and getting their feedback here at Roomzilla, the general consensus seems to be that July has certainly started to revive some uncertainties in terms of the path to recovery, and now people are waiting to see how the remainder of Q3 2020 will pan out.

At Roomzilla, however, the industry continues to establish itself as the "go to" platform, especially as general workplace management appears to now be a critical tool to help people safely return to physical spaces.  This workspace optimization is even more apparent with the current need for social distancing, and compliments the other measure in place such as wearing masks, which finally seem to be more accepted as a need across the globe, hopefully soon ending any sort of mask debate.

Roomzilla has written on the subject numerous times, from trends & insight analysis to discussing some of the now fundamental requirements that we are seeing are on the rise, such as hot desk management.  We also continue to see an industry trend in diversification of how our offering is used, a topic that will be covered in much greater depth soon by one of our team members; however, in a nutshell we’re no longer just about conference room booking.  It’s still a staple of our business and of course we will continue to fully support it, but now we are also in parallel starting to support the complex needs of a wide variety work places and spaces optimization.  

As we continue on to the final months of 2020, we’ve already started to inform our prospects of some exciting new features that traditionally, our company would not have even given a thought to.  Features that have enabled our platform to also become industry agnostic, no longer only serving the a basic need of an office building or coworking space.  No longer about just meeting room management or offering a general room booking system.  The space has become even more expansive and space management more intricate.  

The team here have been continuously monitoring trends, conducting research, and brainstorming new ideas & concepts (as well as executing them).  We’ve certainly got quite a developed roadmap from product to comms.  Saying that, while the world faces the uncertainty it does due to both a pandemic and economic recession, the Roomzilla team continues to try to prepare for the future evolution of the workplace and - at the same time - the safe return of its users.

We would have never thought that such a rapid evolution was going to occur within our sector but we have not only accepted it, but also welcomed it and while the rest of this year will continue to create tension (hopefully not too much more), Roomzilla will use this opportunity to play its part in trying to help the world return to normal, regular or new.