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Five beauty secrets of Japanese women

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n the last ten years, the world is increasingly paying attention to the beauty of women from Japan. Without resorting to radical measures, ordinary Japanese women manage to look ten to fifteen years younger than women from European countries. In this article we have collected the most important secrets of preserving youth, beauty and health of Japanese women and are ready to share them with you.

Why do the Japanese have a slim body?

One of the indicators of youth and health is a slim and trim body. Japanese women watch their diet, favouring low-calorie, vitamin- and mineral-rich dishes. The daily diet includes rice, fish, seaweed, vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Hot dishes, snacks, salads and even desserts are prepared from the above set.

Sufficient consumption of clean drinking water is another secret to maintaining health and longevity. In the body, it takes an active part in metabolic processes, promotes cell renewal, removes harmful toxins. The Japanese like to drink clean water from natural sources - this is another secret of beauty.

It is impossible to achieve a slim body without physical exercise and optimal cardio-loading. The Japanese like to do simple gymnastic exercises, but do it every day. The adult population likes long walks on foot, among young guys and girls it is popular to use a bicycle as an everyday means of transport.

Why do the Japanese have beautiful skin?

A balanced diet and drinking clean drinking water gives the skin a beautiful colour and a delicate blush. However, special care products help to reduce the number of wrinkles, preserve the natural lipid balance and saturate the skin structure with useful components The average woman prefers japanese cosmetics to order wholesale, for example here, in large quantities and uses day, night, revitalising and nourishing products. Periodic visits to beauticians complete the complex care.

Another beauty secret of Japanese women: they try to protect themselves from excessive insolation. It is proved that sunbathing has a beneficial effect on the body in minimal doses. Both adults and children are recommended to use special SPF-creams, which can be easily found on the shelves in any cosmetic shop. It should be noted that japanese cosmetics export to the many countries over the past few years has grown by leaps and bounds, as the means of local manufacturers have proven to be effective and reliable.

Agree, the secrets do not contain anything magical and are available to every resident of Europe or Asia. By applying them in practice, you can significantly improve the quality of life and take care of your health.