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3 reasons why one should visit St. Louis, Missouri

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The lights of St. Louis looked like a promised land to me.

— Joseph Pulitzer,

St Louis is the second largest city in Missouri. It is situated at the western bank of the Mississippi River. St. Louis is a beautiful city having influence from France. The buildings and monuments have Structure of France architects. If you are visiting the USA, then you cannot miss this glorious tourist destination. It has several tourist attractions, but 3 attractions are unique which makes St. Louis different from others.


One of the biggest Mardi Gras Celebrations celebrated in the show-me state at St. Louis. Mardi Gras literally means “Fat Tuesday” in French. Soulard Mardi Gras Festivities start with twelfth night in January & ends with the Bud Light Grand Parade in February, it lasts for weeks. This spectacular tradition started in 1703 by French Settlers in Louisiana USA. At present, the celebration includes several events, attended by approximately 750,000 people all over the world. Here are the top events and activities during Soulard Mardi Gras.

  • Family Winter Carnival: is a chance for every one of all ages to get into the Soulard Mardi Gras Spirit. There are live performances, local artists, musicians, art, crafts and a children parade.

  • Hollywood Nights: Bacchanalian Ball – the top gala event will make you experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood celebrities, with Specialty cocktails, wine, beers and live DJ performances.

  • Cajun Cook Off: Learn Cajun cooking from the best chefs and with complimentary dishes.

  • Beggin’ Pet Parade: world’s biggest pet parade, thousands of pets take park to win the parade with the beautiful outfits.

  • Bud Light Grand Parade: The biggest event of Mardi Gras. People spend months on building floats, hoping to win prizes. There are also marching bands and millions of beads flying through the air.

There are many more activities like - Missouri Lottery 5k Run for Your Beads, Taste of Soulard, Tito’s Wiener Dog Derby and Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball.


The world’s tallest (630-foot) man-made stainless steel ARCH, Internationally known as symbol of St. Louis. The architect Eero Saarinem designed this amazing Arch in 1947 at an overall cost of $13 million. The Gateway Arch is one of the iconic monuments in the US also known as “Gateway to the West”. If you want to experience the glorious view of St. Louis, there is no better place to be than the top of the Gateway Arch. There is a theatre which shows how the wonderful Arch is constructed. You can enjoy shopping at The Arch store, food at Arch Café and cruises aboard the riverboats at the Gateway Arch.

  • Tram Ride to The Top: Featuring 60s era animation and Gateway Arch trivia, witness 630 feet to the top of America’s man made monument.

  • Museum: Featuring historic 201 years history within six themed exhibit areas.

  • River Boat Cruises: Feel the unique and relaxing riverboat cruise including a variety of sightseeing, outings and dinner.

  • Helicopter Tour: Experience the glorious Gateway Arch from high above the Mississippi River and St. Louis

  • Dining: Paddlewheel Café on the riverboat dock and Arch Café serves a wide variety of locally sourced, organic foods including burgers to hot wings and more.

  • Shopping: There are three shops, which have a collection of apparel, educational items, souvenirs, snacks and more.


In the year 1929, William Fox built the historic theatre, it was known as a movie “Palace”. The stage lights, seats and acoustics are well designed. Just next to the theatre, you will find an extensive selection of wine and cocktails along with delicious hors d’oeuvres.




GETTING HERE - International travellers will need a United States valid tourist visa. There is another option called ESTA. ESTA approval is not a visa. America ESTA is an authorization for the citizens of 39 countries which are part of VWP. The US visa is required in case ESTA does not comply with legal or legislative requirements. But if a traveller has a US visa then he or she can enter the US without ESTA. Below is the list that needs to have ESTA America:

  1. If you are a citizen or national of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) Countries, then you have to get ESTA AMERICA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) approval prior to your travel.

  2. You need ESTA if the United States is only your transit country on our trip. Whether you want to visit or transit through to another destination of your choice you will require an ESTA.

  3. ESTA is equally required for children. To travel to the US, children should have a valid ESTA. Both accompanied and unaccompanied minors need their independent ESTA regardless of their age, provided they are citizens of the visa waiver country. Children must have a valid passport and authorization to enter the US. The same process as that for an adult is followed when applying for ESTA for children.

Filling out an esta form helps to know the status and take the below actions:

  • When ESTA is approved: Once your ESTA is approved you are allowed to enter the US from any port of entry like Airport etc.

  • When Application is denied: If denied then another option is to apply for the US visa known as non-immigrant visa at the Embassy. It may sometimes take weeks, especially when it’s hard to attain the appointment slots

  • To reapply for ESTA: You do not have to wait until it expires. Your new application will replace the prior ESTA through cancellation. The approval typically comes for 2years or till the expiry of the applicant's passport whichever comes first

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