Tuesday, 10 May 2022 10:15

Choosing the optimal Hushoffice pods for your needs

Hushoffice Hushoffice

Open office space is filled with a variety of disruptive sounds and lack a comfortable, private meeting place. Open office noise is usually high and reaches 70 dB and more.

Employees working in a noisy environments are often less productive and get easily distracted, but managers of busy companies found a solution to this problem. Nowadays, modern office premises are often equipped with separate workspaces for individual work or meetings, including online conferences, adapted to the needs of their workers. It has been proven that employees work more effectively in a quiet and private environment. In response to this trend, Hushoffice pods have become a must-have at every professional enterprise.

Choosing the perfect office booth

Hushoffice pods may be distinguished mainly depending on their size and purpose. The most popular booths available in the market include the following popular solutions:

  • hushPhone - the perfect solution, designed for telephone calls and video-conferences. Excellent acoustic and sound absorption properties allow the user to have a conversation in a peaceful and quiet environment,
  • hushWork is a completely new approach to individual and focused work, allowing to create dedicated spaces for employees who need it the most. This booth is powered by electricity like any others and also provides a comfortable working conditions,
  • hushMeet is an independent, secluded space in an office to hold vibrant meetings in comfortable and private environment. This compact, yet extremely comfy workspace, is a great alternative to traditional conference rooms.
  • hushMeet.open for informal office gatherings, providing comfort and accessibility. It is usually used for larger meetings and gatherings in the office,
  • hushMeet.L - ready rooms for longer or formal meetings, without the need to rebuild the existing office space. It is a large booth, usually for 4-8 people. It is made of conjoined modules, which can be easily added or removed by the users.

The perfect pod should be chosen carefully, depending on the employee’s needs. hushPhone booth is the best solution e.g. for call centers, but busy managers would rather opt for hushMeet or hushMeet.open, depending on the type of meetings held on company premises. Modern office booths are affordable, customizable, and fit virtually all kinds of office space.

Characteristics of an ideal office pod

The ideal Hushoffice pod must provide security, privacy and comfort to its users. The booth, in addition to a modern design, should meet the requirements in terms of acoustics and standard of materials. Complete silence is not recommended for health reasons, hence the interior of every professional booth is adjusted so that it provides the best acoustic properties to its users. The noise inside the booth is converted into 36dB, which may be compared to the peaceful sound of singing birds.