Wednesday, 27 January 2021 20:20

Why are tactical vests so popular today?

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A bulletproof vest is a technological answer to firearms. What's more, the constant evolution of such protective elements makes them more and more efficient to deal with bullets from pistols and rifles.

Recently, tactical vests have become very popular. So why is this type of protective vest so widespread today?

High mobility and perfect protection – the essence of tactical vests

Firearms revolutionized the battlefield as the possibility of hitting an enemy with a bullet became very lethal. Along with the development of firearms, methods of protection against projectiles also developed. The bulletproof vest was invented over a hundred years ago, but its reliability meant that this patent survived to our times and is now the best way to protect yourself against live ammunition. We associate the bulletproof vest primarily with something very heavy, bulky and limiting the possibility of free movement. Bulletproof vests for a very long time were simply massive and heavy so as to best protect their owner from bullets from guns and rifles. The evolution of vests has allowed them to reduce their weight and restrict movement. Contemporary tactical vests are a perfect example of how it is possible to perfectly combine high mobility with protection. Tactical vests did not get their name out of nowhere, because their main advantage (apart from protection and mobility) is the possibility of customizing such a vest. Such soft armor allows to adjust its functions to a specific person – it is possible to mount additional pouches with magazines or to increase the number of pockets. An excellent example of such a vest is the 11x14 plate carrier from Ace Link. This vest allows for full customization, so that each user can adjust its functionality to himself. The tactical vest perfectly protects its owner against bullets from pistols and rifles. Thanks to the universal nature of the vest, it is also possible to adjust the protective panels to your preferences.

Who chooses tactical vests

Tactical vests are currently chosen by both professionals and amateurs, which shows how versatile this equipment is. Such vests are used by all kinds of uniformed services, and amateurs of firearms and military gear consider them to be a must-have. Maximum protection, high mobility by not restricting the range of motion, as well as a high personalization factor make tactical vests currently the number 1 item of equipment for anyone who uses weapons and wants to protect themselves against enemy projectiles. Among the companies producing such vests is Ace Link, whose soft armor is characterised by excellent parameters.