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The most famous poker players

Poker is a game where the most important thing is to keep your emotions under control and choose the right strategy. Of course, being lucky in cards is also one of the components of success. Poker over the years has become the most popular card game, and today millions of viewers tune in to watch professional poker tournaments.

Everyone who wants to start playing professionally game watches the champions who managed to reach the top.

The top 3 male poker players in the world

In each game there are players who are exceptionally talented. With a bit of luck and lots of hard work, they manage to achieve a master level in their game. Poker requires analytical thinking, good planning, and excellent knowledge of manipulation techniques and psychology. The best of the best manage to get to the top and win huge prizes in official tournaments. The best poker players in the world are:

3. Erik Seidel – a poker player who is also often called the best player that no one has heard of. This is due to the fact that professional poker fans associate him mainly with achieving second place during the 1988 World Series of Poker. Since then, Erik has won eight WSOP bracelets and is still reaching new heights in his career. So far, Erik has won $17 million in official competitions.

2. Phil Hellmuth – this player is quite controversial because he is known for his non-mathematical decisions which are not common among professional players. Nevertheless, Phil combines this with the extraordinary ability to read the behaviour of his opponents. He has already won over $17 million in official tournaments.

1. Phil Ivey – among all the distinguished poker players around the world, many experts choose Phil Ivey as the best. His career is growing at a dizzying pace. Like the players mentioned above, he has won $17 million, however, to achieve this amount he needed far fewer games.

Do you want to be a champion? Start practicing online!

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular because it allows to play against users from around the world. Sites like are breaking popularity records, especially now during the global lockdown. The thrill of playing online games is just as great as when playing face to face.