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The basics of astrology

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Do you have the feeling that you are stuck in life? Do you want to know more about why you behave the way you do? Or do you want to know if you and your loved one are compatible?

Try astrology, it can give you more answers than you might expect. But what is astrology and how does it work? Astrology is about the fate of people and things that happen on earth in connection to the distance of the celestial bodies. Especially the position of the sun, moon, and planets are important in astrology. Astrology gives us information about different aspects of life. For example, are you debating whether you and your partner are compatible? Try a free synastry report and find out based on the positions of the sun, moon, and planets whether the two of you are a good match.


The position of the sun at the time each of us is born gives us our sun sign, better known as our Zodiac Sign. Our Zodiac Sign can say a lot about us. It symbolizes the essence of who we are. Our personality and the sense of self are based on our Zodiac Sign. It describes what motivates us and why. It does not exactly tell us who we are but how we can learn to be ourselves and learn from events in life. This is important to know, so we can understand what we want in life.


Next to the position of the sun, the position of the moon is an important aspect of astrology. Even though most of us know our Zodiac Sign, not that many people are aware of their moon sign. However, a moon sign is important when we want a more complete picture of our horoscope. Our moon sign describes an emotional level of how we react to certain circumstances. Besides, it also reveals the instinctive part. How do you react instinctively in life?


If you are aware of your Zodiac Sign and Moon sign, ascendants can help complete the full picture. Ascendants reveal how we respond to others. It especially tells us how we show our qualities to others and how we reveal them. Learning about our ascendants gives us insides into how we try to achieve certain goals.

How does it work?

Our Zodiac Sign, moon sign, and ascendants are based on the position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time we were born. Therefore, it is necessary to know the date, time, and place you were born. Based on this information a birth chart can be made.

What does it tell you?

Your Zodiac sign will tell you what you want in life, your moon sign will tell you what you need to achieve this and the ascendants will tell you the way you want to achieve that. This information can be used in many aspects of life. For example: have you just met your twin flame and are you wondering if you guys are compatible with each other? Try a free astrology compatibility report and find out if he or she is the one for you!