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Old sideboard for the living room. How to bring it to perfect condition?

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A living room is a place that is characterized by a large usable area. It should be a place for daily rest, receiving guests, relaxing after work or school. In order to rest well in it, it should be equipped with nice and practical furniture. One of such furniture, undoubtedly adding charm to this place, is a nice sideboard.

Is it worth buying a new sideboard?

New sideboard is the simplest solution, but it has one drawback. The purchase of such furniture is associated with noticeably high costs. It is rare to buy such a sideboard for less than five hundred pounds. As a rule, such a sideboard does not have a very stunning appearance. It is not uncommon for it to be stylized as old, but you will notice right away that it is a piece of furniture from mass production.

A much better solution is to buy an old sideboard and restore it. This work, despite appearances, is not very difficult. You can replace in such a sideboard all the furniture accessories such as furniture hinges or drawer slides. You can repaint the furniture, but this is not always necessary. However, it is always worthwhile to thoroughly clean the furniture and give it a new shine, rubbing the surface of the furniture preparation with wax. If the sideboard has many nooks and crannies and decorative elements, rubbing in the preparation is not easy. In such cases, you can use a spray. Some people use a trivial trick, namely spraying the surface of the furniture with a poster for the maintenance of car cockpits. This is a solution worth recommending. Such a measure will certainly not adversely affect the sprayed surfaces, regardless of what they were varnished or painted.

The restored sideboard, of course, must be placed in the chosen place of the living room. It does not have to be the place next to the television, of course. The sideboard perfectly complements the look of the living room and also looks nice on the side wall. The main wall, where the television set stands, or the wall with the fireplace, are themselves nice parts of the living room and there is no need to additionally improve their appearance with a sideboard. A side wall can be a great choice. The ideal place to put the sideboard, is also the place between the windows. The sideboard placed there will be naturally illuminated by the incident light.

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How to care for the sideboard?

To the sideboard will delight its appearance for a long time, it is worth taking care of it. It is advisable to clean it from time to time with a good agent and wax it. Of course, you should also avoid putting glasses with hot drinks on the sideboard. Flowers in pots are also inadvisable, especially in pots from which water may spill. A well-kept sideboard will be a decoration of the living room for many years.