Thursday, 25 June 2020 13:55

How to buy and sell whisky casks for the best price

Many whisky fans dream about owning a whisky cask. But not only connoisseurs are trying to buy a whisky cask these days – it has also become a goal for investors. Investing in whisky has become more and more popular over the last decades and presently many investors are wondering where can they buy a whisky cask for a reasonable price to treat it as an investment.

Some of the distilleries in the UK are providing such opportunity, but the best whisky cask investments are made with casks not available on common market. To buy a whisky cask investment it is best to use the services of a whisky broker, such as Stilnovisti.

After over 14 years of working in the whisky trade we have built a strong relationship with the most prominent and well-known Scottish distilleries. Our experience guarantees that we can offer you access to the finest whisky casks for sell in the UK. Stilnovisti has bottled whisky casks with fill-dates ranging from 1964 to 2014. We strive to provide you with casks which have originated from all the regions of Scotland – whether you are looking to buy a cask of whisky from The Glenlivet, Macallan, Bunnahabhain or any other, we will provide you with the finest cask selection from the chosen distillery. Our Investment Committee will make sure that the selected casks not only contain exceptional quality malts, but are also a great whisky investment.

The demand for whisky cask investment is rising globally, while supplies are highly limited and the best casks are often sold even before they reach the public market. To invest in whisky with a considerable return on investment it is crucial to have access to the best whisky cask for sale.

Services of a whisky broker, such as Stilnovisti, will also help you find the best buyer for your cask while finishing the whisky cask investment. We work with a network of buyers from all over the world, ensuring finding the best person or organization to sell your cask to. We can see a great demand for casks, espacially in Asia, where single malts are now one of the most sought after assests and a symbol of wealth and status.

Having strong realtionships with distilleries, brokerages and private collectors allows us to achieve the best possible prices for the purchase and sell of your casks. We offer our support and advice at every stage of the process. We will manage all paperwork and make sure you are well informed and taken care of at every single step of whisky cask investment.