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Monday, 21 January 2019 16:24

Help or entertainment - 3 differences between marine and football flares

Flares - some of you associate only with the atmosphere around the stadium during the football match. But there are also marine flares - which are a very important part of the equipment of every ship, boat or even helicopter. What are the differences between football flares and marine flares? You will learn about this from this article!

1. Destiny

If you are looking for flares for sale’, you probably find out, that there are two different kind of flares: 

  • marine flares and

  • football flares.

Those first one are more professional and should be use only in cases where you require immediate assistance e.g. in the event of a plane or sea accident. There are 3 colours of marine flares: red, orange and white.

Football flares are part of entertainment - they are using usually to support favourite football team and you could find all colours of them. Sometimes people also use them for photo seassion or during important events. 

Remember! Marine flares should be used only in emergency situations! There are not toys.



2. Effect 

Second important difference is between effects of those products. Effect time of marine flares is usually shorter but more powerful. It last less than 60 seconds, but it’s visible from about 10 miles in daylight and even 40 miles at night! 

Normal football flares are not so strong. In addition, the offer is also available smoke flares, which emit colored smoke instead of light. Most of flares you could hold in your hands. 

3. Price

It is quite obvious that more professional and stronger flares are usually a bit more expensive than those that are used only for entertainment purposes. One marine flare cost about 5 euro, but if you are looking for cheap flares for sale - better check colored football flares - they cost about 2-4 euro per one. You could buy them online from one of popular pyrotechnics stores (like e.g DynamitShop or Ultras-Europe).

Finally, we would like to present you view short tips how to use flares:

a) Always before light up the flare, read the instruction to make sure it can be held in your hand!

b) Handheld flares could get very hot. It’s better to use gloves (and clothes too) made of non-flammable material

c) The flare should always be directed upwards, on your outstretched hand. 

We hope that after reading this article you can see what are the basic differences between marine flares and football flares and when and how, you should use them. Remember, that marine flares should be used only in special situation, when you really need help!