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Free bonus, no deposit

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Virtual casinos have become a real hit, because now all you need is a smartphone and internet access to play in the casino.

Due to the multitude of such casinos, each of them wants to attract as many new customers as possible and keep them for a long time. One of the most popular methods of enticing users to play are deposit bonuses.

What exactly are deposit bonuses?

Bonuses and giveaways are what attracts new users best and most effectively, so online casinos compete with each other in this regard. One of the most common ways to attract players is a deposit bonus. The user deposits a minimum amount and in return receives a certain amount of bonus funds. This bonus is simply a multiple of the deposited amount, which is why it is attractive for users. Assuming a player deposits 100 EUR/USD, the bonus looks like this:

  • 80% deposit bonus = 180 EUR/USD,
  • 200% deposit bonus = 300 EUR/USD, 
  • 150% deposit bonus = 250 EUR/USD

This bonus is very logical and transparent, therefore it is very popular currently. Moreover, it is usually offered during registration, which is why it is helpful when starting to play in an online casino. It is worth noting that the increasing popularity of online casinos results in more and more attractive deposit bonuses, which are often the decisive reason for users to join a specific online casino. We choose what is most beneficial for us – the owners of online casinos are well aware of this, which is why they offer bonuses that will give us a good start. A deposit bonus is a great way to check without any risk how the casino works.

What are the advantages of deposit bonuses?

A deposit bonus is very useful for players who are just entering the world of virtual casinos. Such a bonus allows you to multiply your winnings and makes learning about the rules of a given casino much easier and faster. Most new players check the amount of deposit bonuses at a given casino in advance in order to start playing with the most beneficial bonus. Thanks to this, joining a casino is more transparent and beneficial.

If you are looking for a site where you can find the best deposit bonuses then be sure to check out the first deposit bonus topcasinoexpert.

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