Tuesday, 21 July 2020 12:37

Why should we wear protective masks?

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The COVID-19 virus appeared suddenly and we were definitely not prepared for it.

The virus, which initially attacked only the Chinese province of Hubei, quickly spread to all of China and later to the whole world. We underestimated the threat because it seemed that China is so far away from Europe and America that we need not fear anything. This error resulted in serious consequences two months after the start of the epidemic in China, so very restrictive measures were taken. The first of them was a total lockdown of the world – the streets of the largest cities were deserted, and at the most critical moment several billion people remained at home, which is the majority of the population. Protective masks were one of the safety measures introduced to stop the spread of the pandemic. Why should we wear them?

Protective mask – a protection method known for at least a hundred years

Many people wonder why wearing masks is supposed to help in the fight against the coronavirus. To answer this question, we need to approach the whole issue from a medical point of view. Viruses are usually transmitted by droplets, which means that being in a room with someone infected for a long time, there is a high probability that we will get infected. Viruses are exhaled along with air, which is why everything that inhibits the rapid spread of viruses helps in the fight against the pandemic. A hundred years ago, during the Spanish flu epidemic that decimated the global population, people wore masks to protect themselves against the virus. It was then that doctors realised that covering the mouth and nose helps to stop the spread of viruses that are transmitted by droplets. Today, this information is widely known, which is why wearing a protective mask or visor has become a global priority for our safety. When you wear a mask, you minimize to some extent the risk of getting infected, but above all we you do not infect as much as you would without a mask. 

What should you consider when choosing a protective mask?

Currently, there are many different protective masks on the market which come in a variety of patterns and colours. However, that the most important thing is how the mask protects us, not how it looks. If you are looking for reliable face masks from the UK – Staples has the best range available. All masks offered in this online store have the necessary certificates and ensure safety.