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The Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2019 – Men's Edition

It's hard to find anything more satisfying than buying fresh, brand new pieces of jewelry, except following current fashion and jewelry trends. Nowadays it is all about customization and finding items that suit you as an individual but we can still enumerate some of the hottest jewelry trends of 2019.

What's amazing, modern men enjoy picking accessories as much as women do. If you are one of them and you're looking for some unique pieces that symbolize your brave, enterprising or risk-taking side – or you're just trying to find a present for your friend or partner – welcome, you're in the right place. We will present you some of the most popular ways of wearing and styling men's accessories. So, what are the hottest men's jewelry trends of 2019? Read this article and keep in mind on our tips!


[Still Living Trends in Men's Jewelry: Chains, Leather, Inscriptions]


1. Chain-link Necklaces


Of course this isn't anything new – LL Cool J rocked chain necklaces back in the eighties – but we can find more and more refreshing patterns and finishes. From glam to exaggerated shapes, chain-link necklaces dominated 2019 runways. We've seen them in Hermes, Marni, and Off-White collections. No men's jewelry collection would be complete without at least a few chain pieces. The best thing is, you can style it just like you want it, choosing from a wide range of less or more thick and long items. Just search online custom jewelry in the GLD Shop or some other online store. Wear them casual or fancy – it all depends on you!


2. Genuine Leather


Another universal and timeless trend. Real leather pieces – especially men's bracelets which incorporate leather fragments – are total classics. What's worth to mention, durability, ruggedness, and nobility of this material may be associated with men's character features.


3. Letters, Letters Everywhere


We saw it last year, now we still see it, even on Chanel, Dior or Balenciaga runways – the logo trend is doing pretty well. It's not only about the best known characters and logos – it's also about meaningful inscriptions and recognizable slogans. From 'Savage' to 'Born Ready' - search custom jewelry in the GLD Shop or anywhere else and find something which resembles your soul.


[Customized, Symbolic Pendants – The Hottest Patterns]


Which types of pendants are worth the purchase? Here are some of our propositions:


1. Coin Pendants


They're characteristic, truly hot (one of the hottest patterns of spring 2019), and so versatile that they suit almost anything. It may have some vintage vibe to it or just be strictly modern. You may choose pieces with singular coin or with multiple elements. No need too stress that this pattern symbolizes wealth and life success. What kind of men does not want that!?


2. Skull Accents


Popular since we remember. There were years when everything had to be related with skulls... The are a strong symbols of courage, trials, fervor, tribulations, and both – immortality and awareness of death. We're sure that you'll find such skull jewelry that suits your style.


3. Shell Jewelry


When it comes to the women's jewelry, this is the hottest trend of 2019 without a doubt. Shell pieces take us back to 00's and remind us of endless summer. Now shells are mixed with gold and look more glamourous. We're sure that men can get inspired by shells as much as women do!


The most important thing about pendants is that nowadays it is all about customization. Just take a look at custom jewelry in the GLD Shop and fall in love with a variety of products. Adjust everything to your requirements and symbolism that you prefer. Do you dream of a lion-pendant that symbolizes wise and courageous power? Here you are!




Well, that would be all for today – now you're fully aware of the current jewelry trends and you appreciate the possibilities given by customization. We hope that you're as excited to follow evolving trends as we are. Can't wait to see what else 2019 will bring us!


When it comes to men's pieces and accessories, necklaces, pendants, rings and braceletes are highly preferred. Search online to find some great solid gold or gold-filled pieces in occasional price. We're sure that you'll pick the items which speak to you. We also remind you that men's jewelry is one of the greatest gift idea of 2019. Make a special present for your husband, partner, friend, dad, brother, boss, or a neighbor. It will make them feel special!


Which men's jewelry trend is your favorite one? Maybe you wear chain-link necklaces or symbolic pendants for a long time now – if so, how do you style it? Please, share your viewpoint and leave a comment right below. Enjoy your shopping!

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