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Modern or classic? Choose a bench for your living room

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A bench in the living room can be used as a central point for sitting down and relaxing with family and friends. This furniture determines the character and aesthetics of the whole living room.

It is worth doing a bit of research before choosing the perfect bench. If you are wondering between selecting a modern or classic bench, you’ll find this article helpful. We have prepared some information that will make this decision easier.

A modern style is characterised by spacious, minimalist solutions and experimental forms. This style is based on simple but effective interior design elements. Modern interiors are usually dominated by white with contrasting accessories in strong colours such as black, red, cobalt or yellow. To maintain a sense of spaciousness, designers arrange interiors in a way that ensures good natural lighting. They often select natural materials such as glass, stone, or light wood. Modern benches are often designed using these materials.

Minimalistic designs include glass tops mounted on a wooden or metal base. A very popular model is a modern table low bench set on metal legs in the shape of a rectangle, which hold up a stone-covered top. Such benches look lightweight and delicate, and at the same time are highly durable and stable. They add character to the interior and resemble postmodern designs based on functionality.

Interiors decorated in a classic style are characterized by harmony and good taste. A classic style is synonymous with safety and cosiness combined with exquisite elements.

This style is primarily associated with the use of wood, in particular oak. A classic bench is no exception. Wooden, usually rectangular, low benches often have delicate decorations on the top and the foot of the bench. This is usually strong, but also heavy furniture that looks great in a large living room. Dark wood will match light leather, while light wood will brighten the room and make it seem more spacious. See offer