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Where can You buy Bitcoin safely?

buying Bitcoin buying Bitcoin

In recent years, Bitcoin has continued to gain popularity, and many people, tempted by the dynamic price increase, are asking where to buy it. Are you also wondering how to become a Bitcoin owner? There are several ways - get to know them to make a safe purchase transaction for this cryptocurrency.

Who is it profitable to buy Bitcoin in an exchange office?

There are exchange offices on the market that specialize in buying and selling cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Taking advantage of their offer pays off primarily for beginner investors. If you have not had contact with Bitcoin before and you need a small amount of this cryptocurrency, buying it in an exchange office will be a good idea. You will finalize the cryptocurrency purchase transaction quickly, because exchange offices - unlike cryptocurrency exchanges - do not require customers to verify their identity. For this reason, it will also be a beneficial solution for those people who want to conduct a purchase and sale transaction anonymously.

What to look for before buying Bitcoin in an exchange office? First of all, the prices. The differences between the individual exchange offices can be large; prices are also higher than on cryptocurrency exchanges. On the other hand, the user can purchase currency at the exchange office without the need to create an individual account.

where can you buy bitcoin

where can you buy bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchange

Another place where people can buy Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency exchange. The number of these exchanges is difficult to estimate - new ones are constantly emerging. If you decide to trade on such an exchange, you can pay for Bitcoin in various currencies. For example, on the Bitstamp exchange established in Slovenia, dollars are valid, on the German exchange Kraken - euro, and on the european BitBay - USD, GBP or Euro. How is Bitcoin buying on the currency exchange?

Using the cryptocurrency exchange services means the need to create an individual account. Individual exchanges may charge users different fees in the form of, for example, commissions for trading cryptocurrencies, withdrawing funds and maintaining an account. So before signing up for an account, check the fees and commissions section to see if using a given exchange will pay off. Buying Bitcoin should be done on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. To minimize the risk, it is best to choose one of the largest and most recognizable exchanges.

Bitcoin ATMs - for whom?

Due to the great interest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATMs (the so-called bitcoin machines) were also created on the market. These are devices that can be considered self-service counterparts of exchange offices - they allow the user to buy or sell owned Bitcoins. In Poland, they are located in large cities, most often in shopping malls operating there (e.g. in Warsaw in Galeria Młociny, Galeria Rondo Wiatraczna and Galeria Millennium).

Like any Bitcoin sales channel, bitcoins have their pros and cons. If you want to remain anonymous and at the same time carry out a quick purchase transaction, Bitomats are perfect for this. However, you will pay for this - the prices of the cryptocurrency bought this way are higher. Why? The reason is simple - the operator of the device must also earn on every transaction made by users. For this reason, using this channel is not recommended for advanced investors who treat Bitcoin as an alternative to other investments, e.g. in gold.

Exchange cryptocurrencies with other users

Bitcoins can be found in the wallets of many users. Some of them accumulate this cryptocurrency, while others sell. Direct transactions between cryptocurrency holders are frequent, and their advantage is the ability to set an individual price. If, for some reasons, you are not satisfied with the above methods of buying Bitcoin, you can buy this cryptocurrency without intermediaries, i.e. from another owner.

Where to find people interested in selling Bitcoin? One of such places is a forum devoted to Bitcoin, e.g. Forum. There you will find a "Face-to-Face Exchange" notice board. So you can add your own advertisement of willingness to buy and then wait for offers from people interested in selling the Bitcoins you own. This article was written thanks to cooperation with website which is deliver more informations about where can You buy Bitcoin BTC safely.