Thursday, 21 April 2022 11:25

The Best Crypto Exchanges

The Best Crypto Exchanges pixabay

When choosing a crypto exchange, users should consider many aspects. Most popular crypto platforms offer common crypto assets, including the most popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. If a trader aims to buy tokens of some young projects, one should check if they are available on exchanges. 


Looking for the best crypto exchange, it is necessary to pay attention to a platform's reputation. Users are recommended to read reviews on an exchange, learn more about other users’ difficulties when working with it, and check if the customer support works appropriately. 

A good option for a novice trader is a demo account. Some of the best crypto exchanges offer such an option. Users can register demo accounts and practice trading without risk. It helps beginner traders to gain experience and learn trading strategies. In terms of convenience for beginners and the opportunity to use a demo account, White BIT is the best crypto exchange. It is a young platform that has already proved its credibility and reputation. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for trading, smart staking, advantageous affiliate program. Beginners that got no crypto assets and want to begin their journey in the crypto industry can easily buy their first digital coins with fiat currencies using bank cards. WhiteBIT charges average fees of 0,1%. Some banks carry additional costs, so users should mind that. The exchange offers a convenient application.

Another thing that is important to mention is an exchange daily trade volume. Everyone has heard of Binance - it is the biggest crypto exchange globally, with a daily trade volume of $13,7 billion (as of mid-April 2022). Big trade volume means a considerable number of users and transactions every day. And this indicates that the platform is highly reputable.

To answer the question “What is the best crypto exchange?” we will provide the rating:

  • WhiteBIT
  • Binance
  • Okex


Like all top crypto exchanges, WhiteBIT provides the following earning opportunities:

  • staking
  • referral program
  • margin trading
  • p2p
  • crypto exchange, etc.

The platform uses a firewall web application to detect and eliminate hacker attacks. In addition, 96% of users’ assets are stored in cold exchange wallets, making access to customer funds impossible for fraudsters. The WhiteBIT exchange is focused on ensuring the safety of users. The platform has opened an Insurance Fund replenished from transaction fees.


The best exchange for crypto trading is Binance. Initially, Binance did not work with fiat currencies but later introduced such an option on the Binance Jersey platform. The platform offers a multilingual interface, a version for PC, and mobile app, 674 trading pairs, trading with leverage, P2P exchange, spot, and futures trading.


OKEx offers a wide range of trading tools. Like WhiteBIT, OKEx provides demo accounts for beginner traders. The exchange offers spot trading, loans in cryptocurrency, and the opportunity to trade in a pool. 536 crypto pairs are available.