Saturday, 27 April 2019 16:52

Practical projects and new technologies for the future of universities

What should be the characteristics of a university that aspires to the role of an innovative educational center? What do students, employers and teachers expect from their dream institution?

Innovation in education

Modern technologies are everyday life for the modern generation. Video-streaming, interactive screens, e-learning platforms, e-books, are not an exclusive addition, but a normal working tool. Students choosing the educational path pay attention to the possibility of developing their passions, the amount of practical education and access to modern technologies. The latest educational tools motivate, improve competences, increase the effectiveness of learning. They make you attractive, but also teach you to acquire knowledge. They equip future IT managers with unique skills guaranteeing professional success.

University of the future

The University of Economics and Information Technology in Krakow as sparse, in addition to thorough substantive knowledge, focuses on providing practical skills. Our practice-oriented methods of teaching bring real results in the form of real solutions, functional projects, or ready-made prototypes applicable in a real business environment.

WSEI Technology Park

The Technological Park operating at the university is an excellent space to carry out daring challenges that can be implemented in the real world. Specific market projects, applications and programs are carried out in close consultation with business partners. From the beginning of studies at WSEI (read more, students participate in the creation of serious IT products using the latest technologies. They have direct contact with programmers and project managers from the industry. They not only learn but also cooperate with the best. The tangible result of studying at such a modern university are international certifications of a strategic partner, which is Microsoft.

Proactive attitude

Supporting entrepreneurship is an important element of our activity. In WSEI there are many practitioners with business experience. We conduct trainings, organize internships, and workshops with entrepreneurs. WSEI has an extensive network of partners from the IT sector. The mutual tightening of ties allows us to develop new creative trends in the industry. In WSEI, we enrich the profile of professional competences, strengthen the potential of our students so that they can build their career path in the modern economy and know how to meet the challenges in their professional life. We stand out for the promotion of creativity and innovation, which gives us the basis for a certain look into the future.

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