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Mikomax – modern office furniture

Mikomax office furniture Mikomax office furniture

Contemporary offices require modern solutions, impeccable design, and intelligent custom-made office furniture. Office furniture offered by Mikomax is versatile, inspiring, multi-faceted, and healthy.

With a wide product range for all industries, Mikomax, offers original and one-of-a-kind design possibilities. As a leading manufacturer of furniture for offices and soundproof office pods, especially popular in open-space office facilities, our company combines top quality and functionality of professional furniture with a stylish look and the latest technologies.

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all industries

Our offer includes both budget solutions, as well as furnishings characterized by the highest quality and versatility, tailored to the individual needs of our customers. The perfect office furniture must be attractive, ergonomic, and most importantly – functional. Mikomax offers complex solutions that are engineered and designed to meet the constantly changing needs of a professional and inspiring workspace. Our success owes much to our dedicated and experienced team, who provide the highest level of service and design quality products.

Close market monitoring and ongoing research

Mikomax is more than just a manufacturer – we are constantly raising the standards in the global office furniture market. We are a reliable business partner with research into the latest professional trends. Our company implements solutions that make sense and change the working environment for the better. Mikomax has achieved it as our main goal is close monitoring of our market and ongoing research. We are committed to ensuring our customers and partners worldwide have access to modern workplace solutions. 

Office furniture and beyond

We are a renowned manufacturer of office furniture and solutions such as acoustic booths, also known as Hushoffice Booths. Our soundproof office pods include the following acoustic booths: hushPhone for telephone calls and video-conferences, hushWork for individual and focused work, hushMeet for vibrant meetings, hushMeet.open for informal office gatherings, and hushMeet.L ready rooms for longer or formal meetings for 4-8 people. Our office pods are powered by electricity and customizable depending on the client’s needs. Office acoustic booths are the perfect solution for individual and collaborative work.

We work with companies around the world

We have experience in providing reliable and design-driven office solutions for companies across different industries worldwide. With our global footprint and comprehensive portfolio, we deliver top quality products to clients across the continents. Every year we increase our market share in the countries where we operate, and constantly strive to acquire new international markets. Mikomax office furniture and hush office solutions can be found in companies around the world – in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, andeven Australia.