Tuesday, 10 May 2022 10:14

HushHybrid office pod – a versatile acoustic workpod

 HushHybrid HushHybrid

HushHybrid acoustic pod has been developed in response to the growing needs of employees, who frequently hold online meetings, and to connect in-house and remote staff.

These modern individual solutions are multi-purpose spaces for focused and creative work, telephone and video conferences, webinars, and online training.

Hybrid work and video conferencing solutions

Open office space is filled with noise, usually reaching 70 dB or even more. Employees working in such environment are often less productive and get easily distracted. It is very difficult to hold video conferences or online training in this kind of environment, too. This problem can be solved with one simple solution - separate workspaces for individual work, adapted to individual needs. HushHybrid offices are becoming a must-have at every professional office after the long period of remote work caused by the pandemic.

Modern equipment and furnishings

HushHybrid office pods are more cost-efficient than traditional conference rooms or open-space offices. Booths are equipped with stylish, yet ergonomic worktop, which provides comfort and creates a safe and healthy working environment. Bright colours, and unique design make the booth a very attractive office accessory that emphasizes the prestige of the workspace.

HushHybrid work pod comes with a soft and comfortable seat, supporting the correct body position, and a monitor or all-in-one computer bracket. The lighting system includes side LED strips for proper face illumination during video calls.

Privacy and mobility 

Installation of an office pod is a cost-effective alternative to building a traditional conference room and changing the layout of the entire office. It does not require any expensive construction material or special fixtures. HushHybrid is an extremely mobile solution and the integrated casters allow for quick and easy relocation of the booth within the office. This function is especially important for smaller premises. This exceptional hush office may be equipped with frosted glass for more privacy. It is especially important for employees to conduct energetic online meetings and webinars.

Technical features

Acoustics, lighting, and ventilation in a booth are very important factors. HushHybrid work pod prevents sound leakage, revibration, and reduces the echo effect. The light is strong enough for video calls but does not cause fatigue, eye strain, or headaches. This mobile work pod also has sufficient ventilation, leveraging natural thermodynamics. Lighting and airflow are easily adjusted with knobs, and a motion sensor automatically activates the booth. The materials not only look stylish but also are extremely durable and healthy. This booth is finished with special materials, preventing the spread of viruses and microbes, which is especially important in the “new reality” office. The components are resistant to damage and do not require frequent, costly maintenance.