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Effective multimedia presentation in 6 steps

Effective multimedia presentation Effective multimedia presentation

In the common of digitization era advertising folders and lectures increasingly are supplemented or simply displaced by multimedia presentation. What are their advantages?

Primarily in connection text, sound and movement at the same time thanks to that form can be given to visualizers, audiles and kinesthetics learners.

It entails with some rules which we should abide, when you want to do extraordinary and functional contents. Check, how to do an effective multimedia presentation in 6 easy steps.

The base is a good plan

The first thing, which you have to do is made a solid plan. Think about a goal and what you want the most. Arousement contractor of your project, transference your knowledge or analysis of your problem. Next, specify key elements, which should be in your presentation. Then, reconstruct your concept according to what, you need to transfer. Thanks to good plan, your presentation will be consistent and particular.

Clear and readable form

Good presentation is clear, readable easy in reception. Think about graphic, readable type in proper size and not diffusing background. Too much extra effects could be not good. It is worth to avoid too flashy colors in high intensity and pay attention for proper contrast for health of our eyes during having a presentation.

Graphic instead of text

Use graphic and maps instead of boring, long text on your slides.

Basic graphs and tables

On your multimedia presentation you should put the easiest graphs and tables. Reduce too much information. Connection of bar graphs, line, dot graphs which concerns a few values which are refer to each of them it could be unreadable. If you can't divide, care about coherent composition, avoid too much contrast and neon colors and extra effects.

Constructive questions

Ask constructive questions, let listener answered it for himself and let him to found these answered on his head.


The most important rule- leave the the most to say for speaker. Your presentation have to assist and make easier your statement not to replace a speaker. Because of it, try to not explain everything which is on slide. A good option is to do a list the most important things to say.

Multimedia presentation which is prepare according to these advices will be consistent and effective, thanks to this hold interest. Reasonable organization of content is a key for creation professional multimedia presentation.

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