Wednesday, 13 July 2022 14:16

Best Business Ideas For Newbie Entrepreneurs

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Being a newbie in entrepreneurship is a real challenge. You may have knowledge about entrepreneurship but you haven't applied it yet, and you don't have a single idea about what business you should be starting.

This problem starts to get to you and you'll be searching for the best-suited business for a novice like you.

Worry not! There are plenty of business ideas for beginner entrepreneurs that will serve as a good start and foundation for your future entrepreneurship journey.

See that you already know your strong and weak points, preferences, and experience so that you'll be able to choose a business idea easily. Try to remember along the way that failure is not a rare occurrence in the business world so do not doubt yourself and give up.

Here are some of the best business ideas to try as a newbie entrepreneur – this will help you narrow down your options as you assess the business ideas with your preferences, experience, skills, and weaknesses.

Food Trucks

People run the busy streets every day. If you think you are skillful with cooking and are good at serving hungry and parched people, running a food truck might be the answer to your question.

Food trucks never go out of date. People want to taste good food everywhere they go, especially when they're hungry.

Running a food truck will certainly become a booming business for you this way. Convenience for both you and customers is also excellent as you can move from one place to another and sell where many people might be present, such as plazas.

It will create a bigger monetary investment at first to purchase all necessary equipment and ingredients for your food truck.

However, once you have invested, the return will be greater than you expected it to be. This will be true as long as you are managing and accounting for all your expenses thoroughly.

Take a steady pace and do not rush your business as it may lead to unnecessary failures.

Pet-Related Businesses

Pet-related businesses will be an excellent option if you think you're good with pets and animals. Nowadays, people are loving pets more and more day by day. In this business idea, you can opt to sell pet food, supplies, check-ups, and veterinary care.

Establishing a pet adoption is also a great idea as it will help abandoned and stray pets, and many people may adopt them. There are plenty more pet-related businesses you can choose from. This way, you will be able to run a business while making pets and people happy.

Be A Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are highly in demand nowadays. If you find yourself to be quite a skillful makeup artist, you might want to give this business idea a shot. You can set up a mini-business at first where you accept hiring for being a makeup artist in minor and small events.

If you do well, your customers will start to recommend you to bigger agencies and events as a makeup artist.

You can also do makeup tutorials on different social media platforms and help aspiring makeup artists – you will get a decent income if you do well. Viewers and subscribers might also share your content and be known enough to start your own makeup artist business.

Become An Event Planner

From birthdays to wedding events, event planners are always in demand. Event planners are hired by different people in hopes of having an excellent and successful event. If you are good at organizing and managing things, starting a business as an event planner might be a great idea.

Landscaping Or Gardening

Starting a landscaping business is an excellent choice if you are trying to contribute to saving Earth while serving people. You can do landscaping for households with gardens that need some tending.

Having a garden or a backyard is a strong point in a home. However, homeowners might not be too interested in maintaining and tending to it and hire landscapers and gardeners instead.

You will be hitting three birds with one stone with this business idea if you enjoy taking care of plants and flowers – first, you'll find delight. Second, you're helping the Earth. Third, you are serving people while making good money.


With the various business ideas provided above, you may start to have an idea of which business you'll be starting as a beginner.

Remember to consider your skills, experience, and preference on the way to start the best possible business for you. Know that there are numerous business ideas for you to choose from and you should think them over thoroughly.

You can even invest in a can packing machine and be a can packing manufacturer, start a vinyl gloves powder-free factory, produce bulk candle jars, or be a company of perfume packaging suppliers.

Do some research, narrow down options, and decide. Think of a business idea now and start building your way to success always.