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Body to body massage – a 100% sensual pleasure

Body to body massage Body to body massage

Massage is a well-known way to relax the body and mind. Moreover – it heals!

Certain massage techniques are designed specifically for healing. They are usually more intense and limited to the usage of hands. However, if you’re looking for a deeply relaxing and toning technique, try warsaw body to body massage.


Table of contents

  1. Techniques of the body to body massage

  2. Erotic spa and its diverse aromas

  3. How to choose the right warsaw body to body massage?


Techniques of the body to body massage


Body to body massage is an ancient technique of erotic massage that provides a deep feeling of relaxation and allows the body to open up to sensual stimuli. The massagist not only uses the hands but also the whole body to rub the skin and muscles of the client. The purpose of body to body massage is a holistic treatment – intimate and subtle, it is an effective therapy itself and, apart from it, an experience you won’t forget. You can choose in between the different kinds, depending on the technique’s country of origin. The most popular ones come from Japan, India, and Thailand. Check the warsaw body to body massage offer on


Erotic spa and its diverse aromas


Because of its smothering qualities, the integral element of the tantra massage is an oil.  Depending on the kind of the massage, the substances used during the session will differ. Nuru massage is based on the usage of a colorless gel, that has a great smothering potential. The performers of a lingam massage use aromatic oils such as sandalwood or patchouli that enhance a sensual atmosphere. 


The two mentioned massages differ when it comes to the area of focus. While Nuru massage induces the widest physical contact possible what results in instant stress release, the Lingam massage focuses on the genitals of the client, stimulating his kundalini – the energy of the spirit. Thai massage is a slightly different technique that includes acupressure and elements of yoga in its practice. More intense and regeneration-oriented, it also uses slightly warmed oils as well as herbal compresses. The masseuse performs energetic movements that stimulate the muscles but, at the same time, allows to achieve the body-mind balance.


How to choose the right warsaw body to body massage?

The choice of massage in the erotic spa should be based on your needs. Are you fond of intense experiences at the moment? Or maybe, on the contrary, you’d prefer something subtle and slow? Whichever technique you choose, you can expect the deepest relaxation possible. There is nothing more therapeutical that the touch of someone else’s body – that’s why the body to body massage has been increasingly popular among the clients of erotic spas.