Tuesday, 27 July 2021 15:09

What is Apple CarPlay?

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With the advancement of technology, manufacturers wanted to make our lives easier. One of the areas where this phenomenon has found its way into a very fertile ground is mass transport. Why is Apple CarPlay a great feature that takes car comfort to a whole new level?

Apple CarPlay - basic information

It is a feature developed by the company from Cupertino. Its goal is to integrate the car with your iPhone as much as possible. The idea is to enable a situation in which the driver will not have to look at the smartphone screen, while still accessing the key functions of the phone.

Why is this so important? Safety plays a very big role. Peeking at the smartphone screen as you drive is asking for trouble. Apple understands this very well and strives to develop a solution that will combine the expectations of drivers with safety on the road.

What apps can you sync with Apple CarPlay?

Of course, the phone plays a key role. Navigating with your phone allows you to make as well as receive calls. You also have access to Apple Music and other third-party music streaming tools, including Spotify.

Certain cars can also display incoming text messages (SMS), manage Podcasts, and even navigate using tools such as Apple Maps or Google Maps. In some markets, including the United States, you can also pair an intelligent assistant Siri with your vehicle.

It is also worth appreciating Apple for the fact that Siri is able to perform some tasks for us automatically. For example, if you say "Hey, Siri, call my wife" the app will dial the number for you remotely. You won't have to take your eyes off the road for even a second.

What are the requirements for Apple CarPlay?

The list of supported vehicles is constantly updated and can be found on Apple's website. It is worth noting that some older vehicles (even if they do not have a large screen) can also use CarPlay. Users can connect with this tool both wirelessly (via Bluetooth) and by using wired communication. In this situation you will need a USB-Lighting cable. 

Apple CarPlay can also be paired with external radios from many companies. If you don't use an original radio in your car, you should look at the box before buying it and make sure that there is a distinctive logo of this service. This is a sign that you can use it comfortably and without any problems.

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