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    Training Tools There are training resources in your Miaccount, log in and go to Resources, Business Info & Training. You will find a number of videos and pdf files that will give you lots of information. You can also go to the You Tube link at the bottom of this page and you will find more videos about the Miessence products and some great interviews with Miessence representatives such as Arun Pradhan Read More
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:17

Pull Plan Launches Intelligent Cloud-Based Construction Planning Application

Pull Plan Software, Inc. today announces the commercial launch of its construction project planning and management application, Pull Plan. Pull Plan is disrupting how design and construction teams use project management and project control technology through a cloud-based platform that is intuitive, easy to use and powered by automation and machine learning that connects the entire project team with real-time data and insights.

"The construction industry has been plagued by poor predictability and lagging digitization, and has struggled to improve project performance through technology use because complex, expensive, and siloed software applications continue to be introduced," said Tannis Liviniuk, CEO of Pull Plan. "Pull Plan revolutionizes how project teams plan and manage projects by democratizing data and encouraging broad user engagement. Pull Plan's vision is to connect team members, empower them to plan their work collaboratively, and provide all stakeholders access to real-time data that improves their ability to make decisions quickly."

Pull Plan development began in response to an industry need for connected, smart, and easy to use project planning tools. Powered by Lean principles, the application has been through significant beta testing with participation from over 400 of the most respected construction engineering firms, contractors, and facility owners in the industry. Augmenting the team planning experience, Pull Plan is being used on some of the most complex and public facing projects, globally.

Breaking down the walls and communication barriers that are common on construction projects, Pull Plan automates handoffs between project team members, improves stakeholder accountability through performance visibility, enables real-time feedback and notification alerts on project progress, and enhances project analytics. "OTS is thrilled to learn of the launch of Pull Plan," said John Boudreau, Director of Business Development for Offshore Technologies Services.  "Industry will be well served by another groundbreaking technology aimed at improving the productivity and efficiencies of world-class projects."

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